Preparations II: Books, roomies and minor panic attacks

Countdown: 18 days.


Roommates- met.

Panic attack- almost.

I can handle classes. I can handle being thrown into a new place with new people. I felt a little sheepish sending the “Hey! We’re going to be roommates! I’ll bring the coffee pot if you bring the vacuum cleaner!” email. I guess since I’m being housed with four other upperclassmen we’re all used to it by now though. Everyone seems just as peppy and excited as I am, so we should have a good time as long as my nerdy habits don’t get in the way of anyone’s eight week vacation.

The looming thought of my internship is still scaring me a bit though. Maybe I’m doubting myself, maybe I’ve been putting off my homework for too long, or maybe it’s somewhere in between. I wanted a challenge this summer after out-growing one weekly newspaper’s and one radio company’s summer internships. I wanted to get out of small town Connecticut and put my hard work to the test. Be careful what you wish for…