My first big news day and the panic attack that followed

As an intern, I strive to impress everyone. To do the best I possibly can. To show my boss I have hiring potential. To prove to myself that I’m in the right field. To learn that in order to grow, you have to make mistakes. 

Not sure if the mistake I made was a big one, but it definitely felt like it. I went through the entire day trying to keep up with instructions, getting things done quickly and trying to make up for the morning’s flub. It was my first big-news day. Let me tell you, I did not handle it well. 

Breaking news: I might suck at my job.

One of the main reasons I want to be a journalist is to be in the middle of the action, to write the first draft of history, to throw myself into the fire and see what kind of story comes out.

I got my first shot at this about a week ago and completely dropped the ball. Here’s what happened…

Healthcare. Everyone’s probably sick of hearing about it, so allow me to provide some comic relief. 

I attended a networking seminar from 8-10am. The decision was announced at 10am. My boss told me to come in after the seminar, but text her first just in case they weren’t in the office. She tried to send me to the Supreme Court to take photos after I got out of the seminar without realizing that it’s a 40 minute commute from Georgetown. 

The bus wasn’t running on rush-hour time, so it took even longer. I got about half way before she told me to just come to work. Fail. Epic, epic fail. 

I spent the rest of the day thinking I blew my first shot to cover breaking history, which was true. What wasn’t completely necessary was the fact that I assumed my boss now thought I couldn’t handle my job…hence, this post.

The lesson I learned from all of this: adapt. 


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