Can blogging be taken seriously?


Back in the day (about five years ago), I was completely against blogging. I thought it was pointless. Why does anyone want to read your diary online? Mind you, I was comparing the idea of a blog to things like xanga and myspace, where thirteen year olds thought it was okay to post minute-by-minute updates of their day. I’ll admit I went through the phase for about three months. After that, it got exhausting.

From that point, my interpretation of blogging was forever skewed. I didn’t think news bloggers could be legitimate and there was no way I would rely on them for a daily update on the world. Perez Hilton was not a journalist—so how could anyone turn uncensored posts to the web into legitimate journalism? I think the answer depends on the author.

Most authors circle their blogs around a point or topic. There’s nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but my issue with blogging is the fact that people can’t tell the difference between fact and opinion. The influx of news outlets online makes it difficult to determine which are reliable and some people don’t bother to try to figure that out.

My goal as a blogger for this summer is to write. I’m interning at a broadcast station and I don’t want my writing skills to drain, so here I am. Now the issue is whether or not blogging is actually helping me keep my skills sharp, or if it’s just a waste of time. I don’t necessarily judge that based on the amount of readers I have, rather the quality of my posts. Blogging does not require as much research as legitimate news writing, but it can if I’m writing about something that requires a source.

Journalism is about telling the truth. It wasn’t always a noble art fostered by unbiased men and women simply writing what they saw—it was propaganda. Then it evolved into rough drafts of history books, in which both sides were given equal merit.  Now it’s moving back toward a media with more opinionated outlets than straight news. But blogs can fit into either category.  

And the cycle continues…


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