Preparations II: Books, roomies and minor panic attacks

Countdown: 18 days.


Roommates- met.

Panic attack- almost.

I can handle classes. I can handle being thrown into a new place with new people. I felt a little sheepish sending the “Hey! We’re going to be roommates! I’ll bring the coffee pot if you bring the vacuum cleaner!” email. I guess since I’m being housed with four other upperclassmen we’re all used to it by now though. Everyone seems just as peppy and excited as I am, so we should have a good time as long as my nerdy habits don’t get in the way of anyone’s eight week vacation.

The looming thought of my internship is still scaring me a bit though. Maybe I’m doubting myself, maybe I’ve been putting off my homework for too long, or maybe it’s somewhere in between. I wanted a challenge this summer after out-growing one weekly newspaper’s and one radio company’s summer internships. I wanted to get out of small town Connecticut and put my hard work to the test. Be careful what you wish for…


Preparations Part 1

The semester at Stony Brook is officially over. I’ll move out Friday and spend the next few weeks at home. It’s almost a tease having to wait three weeks to leave. My new boss gave me my first assignment–research. Research the crap out of business reporting.

My strengths have always included people skills, reliability and a knack with the written word. My problem areas are the ones that include technology and anything having to do with numbers. So naturally, I’ll be spending my summer at a broadcast station helping with stories about the world of business. One thing I don’t do is fail. Bring on the business.

About this Blog

My name is Alexa Gorman; I’m a senior at Stony Brook University. I’m a journalism major and political science minor. This summer, I am attending The Fund for American Studies’ Institute on Political Journalism. I have an internship at the Washington D.C. branch of PBS’ Nightly Business Report.

Since NBR is primarily focused on broadcast, I wanted to find a way to continue writing. This blog will focus on one intern from the Washington D.C. area. Thousands of students flock to the capitol in the summer to soak up the work experience, but no two journeys are the same.

My personal experience and thoughts will appear throughout the summer as well.